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Trophy Terms

Custom Logo Detail Plate Logo Title Plate

Custom Logo: A logo where the customer provides the image to be engraved or imprinted. See our Artwork Information page for more information regarding submitting your artwork for engraving or imprinting, and the difference between engraving and imprinting.

Detail Plate: A plate that contains the details for a given award. Most trophies have at least one detail plate. An award for a single event might only have one detail plate, where a traveling trophy, for example, would have a title plate and a number of detail plates.

Logo: An image that is engraved or imprinted. We have a number of logos in our library that can be engraved on a given award for a nominal fee (and some awards include such a logo to be engraved at no extra cost). Custom logos typically cost more to engrave because they have not been optimized for engraving equipment, but can often be imprinted in full color.

Title Plate: A plate that designates the purpose of the award. The title plate often contains a logo, but might contain text only, depending largely on how the award is designed. Not all awards contain a title plate; the description of a given award should clearly define whether it contains a title plate.

If you need any further explanation of these or any other trophy terms, please do not hesitate to email us.


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